Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on H1N1

'kay, I would get vaccinated if I could find out anything specific about actually getting vaccinated. And now I just heard on the news that the supplier of the vaccine is having production issues...


Are you getting vaccinated? I sure am!

Last year I didn't get a seasonal flu vaccine. I wanted to, as I get them free through my employer because I work with large groups of germ factories, I mean, children. I showed up to get my shot but the nurse wouldn't administer it because I was pregnant and didn't have a doctor's note. At my next doctor visit, I asked about it and they went to get me one but had just run out of vaccine. I ended up with the flu TWICE. I was so so so very sick. It was really awful. I never want to be that sick again!

So I am getting vaccinated, and so is my whole family. I don't buy any of the arguments against getting vaccinated that are, in my opinion, based on junk science.

Why would I risk getting even a mild flu (or the more serious strain) when it's easily avoided with a quick shot?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Noisy Baby!

Gavin might be the noisiest baby EVER! I will endeavour to capture this on video over the next few days (he usually clams up once he spots a camera), but in the meantime here is a clip to demonstrate just a little bit of what he sounds like these days (thanks, Megan!). He's much cuter than Pete Puma, and doesn't sound nearly that dopey when he "talks," but that inhaling wheeze is Gavin to a tee!

Actually, I just watched it again and the vowel sound in the word "woooorrrrried" isn't too far off the sounds G makes either.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing Hockey Goal!

Check out this kid, nine years old and what a move!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Canadian's Take on Weather and Culture Clashes

I'm out in Toronto this week visiting my sister and her family. When she was last out visiting me in Vancouver in the Spring after Gavin was born, she commented a few times on how the culture of the westcoast is just so totally different than in Toronto. People tend to be a bit more "granola" about life generally from my neck of the woods, from personal health to environmentalism to fashion style. I was just reading a post at by Amber, a Port Moody blogger, on climate change and crafting one's life to embrace simplicity and healthful living. It got me to thinking about why it is that we westcoasters tend to be more crunchy, and I think I've nailed down at least part of the reason.

The weather in the rest of Canada, well, I don't want to say it sucks. Oops, I guess I just did. Let's be more euphemistic and say that it's challenging.

Think about it. In Vancouver, it's easier to put on a sweater in the winter rather than turning up the heat because you won't freeze to death. And you can live without power-sucking central air conditioning in the summer because we have lovely breezes off the ocean. You can wait in the car for someone and not leave it running because, again, you're not likely to lose your toes in the process. You can wear cute yoga pants and little Lulu hoodies because all you need on most winter days to brave the elements is an umbrella, not a down parka, balaclava and snowpants. Organic gardening and eating locally is relatively easy where we are; there are many backyard and community gardens popping up, and we live close to the Fraser Valley and Okanagan. In TO, there's tons of agriculture but it all seems so industrial to me, (a visitor admittedly, but that's my impression), designed to maximize production from a shorter growing season.

Or maybe I'm just wimpy about the cold now that I've lived on the coast for the past 25 years.

Toronto DOES have beautiful fall trees. And a Bath and Bodyworks not too far from here, so there's that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Drink Urban Lounge

Check it out...a cool night spot in New Westminster! Located at 609 Columbia St (next to the Starbucks), it's not too clubby, not for geezers, has a good mix of music at just the right volume and sports on the t.v.'s. I liked the variety of drinks, including some old-fashioned sounding ones and they have several drink specials each night of the week. Fantastic ambience, the banquette was very comfortable for our group of ten people. We were there celebrating a birthday and the owner made a homemade birthday cake for us, complete with glowstick candles!
Finally, a hip place to go out without having to travel for half an hour! I am definitely a fan.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Flu Season

I don't know about you, but I've seen this around my house a time or two...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Peanut Allergies

I went on an excellent field trip yesterday with Trevor and Amy's school. Both of their classes went and it was a really great day (more on that tomorrow). I had a moment, though, with another parent and it's been on my mind ever of course I have to write about it.

There wasn't room for the parents on the bus so we all carpooled and met up at our destination shortly before the bus arrived. As I approached the group, the conversation was around what the parents had packed for their kids to eat, and one mom said she had packed a peanut butter sandwich for her kid. It went something like this:

Mom #1: I packed her a peanut butter sandwich.

Mom #2: Really? Are we allowed to do that, I thought there was a no-nut policy.

Mom #1: Well, they're not actually at the school. Besides, (rolling her eyes) what's the big deal?

Me: Well, you'd better keep your kid away from my kid, since peanuts might make him stop breathing and that's a pretty big deal to me.

Mom #1: Oh really. But that's just like, if he actually eats it, right?

Me: No, it's pretty much if he just touches it. I'm a little sensitive about it since someone offered him a treat at our lacrosse windup in June and he ended up in the hospital. And he even asked if there was peanuts in it.

Mom #2: Well, I'm sure that it was just a trace amount, probably the parent didn't know.

Me: Actually it was a store-bought peanut butter cookie. And since Trevor doesn't ever eat peanuts, he didn't recognize the smell. (Glaring at Mom #1) you can understand why I might be a little bit sensitive when it seems like some parents don't really care about my kid's safety from something totally avoidable.

Awkward pause...

Well, then.

This is quite something for me, as I hate conflict and confrontations. But that was just ignorant and careless and selfish, I couldn't let it go.

Weighing out the potential cost to little Timmy having to wait to only eat peanut butter at home vs. the potential loss of life for a child with peanut allergies/'s a no-brainer.
I think Mom #1 is now a little bit afraid of me.