Monday, July 30, 2012

Time is Subjective

So my cul-de-sac as treadmill seems to be working out so far. I got out a little later than I planned on and when I came back inside, Amy had turned on the TV for Gavin and was watching Baby TV with him.

My big issue at this point is that I dislike running while having to constantly keep an eye on the time. I'm on week 2 of Learn to Run, today was 5 min walk warm-up, followed by 7 reps of 2 min run 2 min walk. How is it that the 2 minutes of run feels SO much longer than the 2 minutes of walk?! It's not that the run is that difficult; I'm following the directions and doing a very slow, shuffle-y jog so as not to injure myself. It just feels so tedious at this point. I am remembering with longing those days of being able to bang out 7 k, no problem. ..Hitting a rhythm and just bopping along, feeling like I could go for ages without getting tired and not having to continuously check my watch. I know if I keep it up, I'll get there again. I have quite a few weeks ahead of walk-run intervals before getting to longer periods of running.

My run schedule is Mon/Wed/Fri...weigh day is Monday. I won't be publishing the actual number, just the loss/gain each week and the total.

So... This week = -1.9, Total = -1.9. Yay, me!

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